Hello everyone very warmly 😉
I have neglected my blog a bit, it was probably due to the procrastination, which also gets me. But I think that if I really want something, it will always find time, so I will not justify it.

In this post I want to boast of what I have done since the last post.
Firstly I took part in the Scholarship draw at udacity.com.
There were two options to choose from:
1 – for beginners who have a short experience with Java less than a year,
2 – for more advanced 2 years of experience.

I have chosen the first option 😉 Right now I love this course <3
Pretty much detailed and professional 😉


Wiktor, you’ve been selected as a scholarship recipient!

Hi Wiktor,

Congratulations! You have been selected for a scholarship to learn Android with Udacity. Based on your application, you have qualified for the Android Beginners Path. This scholarship will cover all the fees required for you to study the Android Development for Beginners course on Udacity with support from our mentors and staff for three months. You’ll soon learn to code and be on your way to creating your first app on Android.

Over 70,000 people applied to the 10,000+ available scholarships funded by Google. Faced with an incredible pool of talented candidates from across Europe, we chose individuals who presented exceptional professional ambitions and a strong motivation to learn. We know you will make good use of this opportunity!

Lublin GameDev – is an organization created by computer game enthusiasts, the main engine here is Unity, C#.
It was my first meeting,  I never coded anything in Unity even though I did not feel like alien there 😛
I learned how it looks like, I also met a programmer who is programming in Java and uses libGDX engine for that.
After the meeting I thought about switching from Java to C# and Unity, but  after talking with a colleague I found it better to stay in one language than to throw myself completely to another.
I was interested in libGDX and I made 2 simple games with the JavaDevMatt tutorials. In conclusion – boys are really in it & they love to code.

Lublin Java User Group – organization at UMCS by very experienced programmers.

I was already in 2 lectures. Both were led by Marek Marzec.
Without wrapping in cotton, this guy did great presentation, you can see the full professionalism and knowledge he has acquired over several years in software development. To be honest, it’s the first person I’m really looking forward to.
In addition, presentation was interactive with participants after good answer you could win mini prizes 😉
Very positive, and finally pizza!

The last thing I share in this post is that I tried to stream live on liveedu.tv.
For what? I know that programmers like to watch someone else programming. I thought this would be the best way to meet anyone in that field 😉
After few hours of coding I have met Levvy programmer who helps me with every major problem. I appreciate for this so much!
For now, I stopped streaming. Nowadays, I am learning from different tutorials, but I think that in the future I will definitely come back to it, because it’s pretty good way to meet other programmers.
I hope in the near future I will also be able to help someone 🙂