Small update :)

Hello! 🙂
I’m so sorry about my inactivity. I didn’t have time to focus on my blog.
I had too many things to do .. 2 semesters at the same time, VCC manager course, english class, java science circle on our University and Udacity Android Basic Nanodegree course from Google.
So my day was like waking up at 7 and I was back at home around 20-21. Every day.. Even weekends 😀
Thankfully I finished this semester.
I decided to show my work during this inactive time.

League of Legends Quiz Game

GitHub repository:

Lotter Game

GitHub repository:

Tour Guild App

GitHub repository:

The course from Udacity consists from two phases.
The first lottery:
They picked 10,000 people from the 70,000 signed up. And yeah I was so lucky that they gave me this chance 😉
Second Phase:
After 3 months, They selected best students (who were most active and hardworking ) only 1250 participants were allowed to continue the course and win the certificate. All paid by Google 😉

Thank you for your time, now I have to back to do another tasks from course 🙂
Have a good day!