“Wiktor, you’ve earned it.”


After 6 months of practicing I finally graduated 😉
I’m so proud and happy because I put a lot of work into it.
I’m so curious how many people have completed the entire course.

Look’s great, isn’t it? 🙂

Before the course, I had zero experience about creating Android applications.
Course is perfect for beginner because everything is given step by step. Learning about global / private variables , how xml works and everything about Layouts (Linear Layout / Relative Layout). Also after few application we had to learn more difficult things like parsing JSON and connecting to our SQLite database.
The course gave me a lot. I have met great people during this time on slack.

What can I say more?
Very well prepared videos, mentors help 24/7 ( you could ask on forum or on private chat, also they did great code review if you asked).
I’m going to record a video how the review looks like by Udacity mentors that was very professional from them.
Also I will add my last 3 apps 😉

I would like to say big thank you to Udacity & Google once again!
Regards 🙂