Target vol.1

I decided to share with my goals for upcoming months 😉

At this moment I made:

  • Head First Java
  • Android Head First
  • Youtube Tutorials (Derek Bananas and many others)
  • Java Programming Course ( )

What I want to do in the future:

  • Learning Java EE / Spring / Hibernate
  • Continuous grinding of Java!
  • Interesting projects!

For beginner there is to many materials to learn from. It might be too much for a beginner. Of course speaking of English language knowledge.
We can often meet, with many questions from people who want to start programming which language to choose, what books to choose, courses, tutorials, more IDE questions and so on and further .. I had same problems and question before learning :p

Target vol.1

Of course, it is helpful and advisable to use eg Notepad ++ instead of writing in a regular notebook (as I recently had for some computer science classes) where the bigger problem was to find the semicolon than writing the code itself .. I decided to write my own blog on my own stripes for a given month.
Thanks to that, I will have ongoing verification and build, in a sense, the mobilization of myself as well as the habit of implementing the provisions.
Of course, everything will be matched and calculated so that I can do it and I do not overwhelm myself with the number of tasks I have planned.

My plans for September:

  • Continuation of Jave SE and Jave EE
  • converting a course from SQL( )
  • Revising the Java 2 Course ( )
  • Describing and agreeing issues with basic knowledge for juniors.

I find that enough material for an entire month.
You have to remember that it is not enough to watch a movie or listen to it, only need to rewrite the code itself, write it manually make notes in the notebook then the brain better remember the information. This is not about to convert as much as possible and go on to rewrite, memorize and apply in the future!
Sadly, neither the stairs, however, are so easy. I’m going to read the same books again to repeat myself and see and understand things I did not understand before. In retrospect, it will be ridiculous that things seemed so difficult to us and now they are practically obvious.