Welcome to the first post on my blog!
It will be a programming blog related to Java programming. I’m a person who has no experience in commercial programming.
That’s why I decided to create this blog to show my path of learning to get my first job as Junior Java Developer.

Maybe something about me:


My name is Wiktor. I am 26 years. I graduated from the Lublin University of Technology, Management and Production Engineering.
I am currently studying Master’s Degree in Management

Where is programming?

Last holiday in the United States gave me a lot to think about.
For my entire life I was wondering what I want to do in my life.
And finally I figured out what is that. Do you know already what it might be?
And the answer is.. of course programming! My computer adventure started when I was 5, in 1995 my stepfather bought Pentium II
(its like I7 or higher nowadays :P).

After thousands of hours spent at my computer during my life, my body is so tough so for me there is no problem to spend 24/7 hours in front of computer. That’s why I decided to use it and try to get a job working on my computer.
I picked up Java because it is not a simple language, so it gonna be challenge for me also Java is very popular.

What’s next on the blog?

As I mentioned, the blog is designed to show the path of my development.
At this point I have to focus on learning Java fundamentals.
I hope someday I get a job as Junior Java Developer and I will be able to continue my blog as a Developer.
Hope you will join my tour!
Thank you for your time, feel free to left comment 😉
See you in next post!